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unless the pigeons have some super radioactive acid s.hit, this is kinda irrelevant...

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добро пожаловать и наслаждается!
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lol prozac

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The shit came from the creative department - ahem i'm afraid

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haha thats funny umusch
yea. these whole shampaigns probably


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Very nice and creative campaign but this one is a little irrelevant. Why would I need insurance for pigeon shit.?

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Car Insurance for Bird Poop?

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Bird shit will corrode your paint if you leave the car out in the sun for a long time, apparently it has some form of natural acid in it.

Eggs will also corrode your paint ( so keep egging those cars kids if you hate the person )

It is relevant to car insurance.

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If it reffers to "shit happens" excelent. The message is clear and funny. I prefer to see bird shit on a car, then a crashed car as I drive.