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Intreseting. But what happens when it gets dirty? And it will probably get dirty in a day or so. Not very practical.

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Haven't we seen this idea already on this site by an Indian agency?

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I think you're confusing the two. It's not the same idea as the zebra crossing, it's completely different, just exploiting the same media.

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I agree. I was just trying to help.

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No, was thinking of diff idea. I'm positive I've seen this same idea before. Is it a re-post?

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Been done before, not in India, but somewhere in Europe. France, methinks.

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tamer samy
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I like the idea, and i don't care if it done before or not !

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Have Heart
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Had been done before in a smarter way.

The german taxis have this ugly, lightly yellow color. An agency sprayed one of them white and advertised a toothpaste with it. I guess was only 2-3 years ago and won an award at the german ADC.

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i reckon this was done and shot and then taken off in half an hour, because lets not forget cars drive over that and as soon as one car goes on top of that itll get dirty

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there´s a paint invented which works with the lotus-effect...

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my intern did it for oral b.

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My intern did oral.

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Thanks for sharing Desi

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If it's placed on a very busy crosswalk it can be pretty effective. Must be of durable material hard to get dirty though.
New or not, I like it.

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No fixed abode
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Done by more people than Paris Hilton. Including me.

(The idea, not Paris Hilton)

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oh, yeah, ha, i saw what you did there with the paris hilton gag.

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No fixed abode
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Too obvious for you was it? I'll try and up the standard in future. Thanks for keeping me honest.

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Well both claim whitening power, both are ambients and both are in the traffic.

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Disco Munky
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The illustration of the guy looks...odd. Why's the bar he's in all white...and why's he look so pround? Where was this done? Gremany you say? hmmmmmm.

Doin' it for the points

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The guy is immediately recognizable to those of us in the US as Mr. Clean, which is the name of a brand of cleaning products. It's one of those cases where the symbol is so well-known that it's unnecessary to say the name of the product. Apparently it's well-known in Germany as well.

I think it's a brilliant ad, figuratively and literally!