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... that'd block my visibility and increase my claustrophobia.

next cab pls.

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ya... i second whitespace... Translucent poster can help but... no...

- The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up.

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coz i said so

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I'm doing 70mph from a hotel. Am I Princess Diana? No? Then why are these paparazzi chasing me?

What I'm saying is: these might work well when the cab stands still, but as soon as it moves it loses any appeal it may have had. I stress the use of the word may.

Also, as a tourist I rarely think: oh yes, I really should stock up on fragrances and cosmetics. If this were part of a department store I'd see some relevance, but as a piece of ambient it works about as well as those balloons that were supposedly used to show the damage to the environment caused by car exhausts (although no one questioned how much energy was used and how much CO2 was produced in making the balloons and shipping them in. Conveniently.)

In one word: no.

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like it... more translucent...

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the implication of fame is lost. if the paparazzi are already in the windows taking photos of me, then why would i need or want to buy the makeup. i'd have to be seriously delusional to believe that if i bought C&F cosmetics this would happen.
interesting use of non-traditional media, thumbs down for the idea.

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creepy...but the idea is smart

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i don't think it really matters whether the car is standing or moving. actually i like this as a humorous element, it's not supposed to trick the viewer into believing these paparazzi were real.
the whole paparazzi thing hasn't to be logically correct as long as people get it and i'm quite sure they do. i like it.

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i like these. i really like these.

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No fixed abode
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Cool idea. Very memorable. But niggle factor very high.

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Dick Huges
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The brief:
Get an award, then receive some job offers and either leave the agency or get a raise.

The solution:
Do a nice ad that will indeed get some prizes because is cool. But lets face it: that text everyone put to explain Brief/Solution in these kind of guerrila pieces are really there just to give the impression there was a briefing when it all came from your head as a pro-activity/scam ad.

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the way you just stripped that off, i'm feeling a little dirty. must go wash the stain of human degredation off...

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Lorem Ipsum
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a job offer or a raise. sounds good to me.

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I think its clever.


Because great designs need no further explanation.

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me thinks
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Salutes! I love it. Cheers, guys.

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simply good.