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Not really greasing my pole.

Interesting idea though and a good effort.

It's only an ad.

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There was something similar posted yesterday in the Forum.

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yes don't let the down town eat u i think..pacman shape always interesting

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Yes its an interesting idea, but I wonder if regular commuters bother to check out the route, unless the Pacman has more to it

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Andreas TM
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simple and gooooood.

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cool idea! It must generate a lot of buzz indeed among the target audience. if I was a gamer and lived in Montreal, I would definitely be very curious about that game store.

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Great work !

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Just happy to see my home town on here.. i'm living in dubai at the moment, and the metro map brings back memories... oh wait i forgot about the ad...cute it would make me curious but will i notice it in my mad rush to work or home?

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