Cold fire

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May 2009

In order to advertise LG Cookie, that is an affordable cellphone with touchscreen technology, a guerrilla stunt was created with the concept "You can touch it". Performers went to Optimus stores and invited people to touch flaming balls in their hands. The secret here was that they used cold fire, which can be touched without danger.

Ambient advertisment created by Torke, Portugal for Optimus, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Torke Stunt, Lisbon, Portugal

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People wont touch other people for advertising.

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The idea is a little far from the product, you think not?

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The agency should be fired!!! (Get it? hahahah)

But seriously, guys...

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People wont touch other people for advertising.

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Cold fire? What?

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A bit too forced idea. Where is the phone?

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I think you guys are a little too literary, concerning the action. A direct or relational stunt doesn't have to have the product. Just imagine dozens of people stopping in front of the store (with the product's billboards and BTL communication) to see a really different performance. There you have it. Some minutes of free exposure. And yes, cold fire does exist.