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July 2011

Background: OLW Cheez Doodles is one of the most popular snacks in Sweden. For years there has been a national feud regarding the Swedish name whether to call them ostbågar (cheese bows) or ostkrokar (cheese hooks). OLW decided to invite consumers to vote for their favorite, and what to write on the new packages, by submitting a Like on OLW:s Facebook page.

Challenge: Raise awareness and online buzz about the campaign with a sampling event.

Solution: We created an attention grabbing ”walk-thru voting machine”, a cheezgate, that explained the entire campaign with two physical steps. The cheezgate was placed in the center of Stockholm and invitations to go vote were sent out via Twitter using the hashtag #cheezgate (making fun of the popular –gate suffix) and on OLW’s Facebook page.

Ambient advertisment created by Jung von Matt, Sweden for OLW, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: JMW, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Joakim Karlsson
Copywriter / Design: Samuel Garlöv
Production: Mässbolaget

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Attention-grabbing. Um okay.

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It's a funny ambient.

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