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i like!

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me too! nice

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Hate to say it. Been done before. And been done better. This is crude.

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I am not entirely sure but I guess I have seen something like this before too.

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Guard your ideas

China involved again huh? Surprise, surprise. They really do enjoy doing what's already been done in China don't they.

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Billy Hill

I love the creative explination more than the ad!

'breasts targets females...' Shit hey! I thought breast cancer it self would do that little targeting job just fine.

'Tridimensional mouse mat ...' and I thought three dimenional was cool enough. Obviously not.

'Made by rubber..' Well done rubber! What else have you made lately, rubber old cock?

You idiots. Get a decent translator for Christ's sake.

10/10 on the Poo scale!!

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this sells as a regular product all over the world, ... I don't feel that anyone came up with an idea here, ... just blindly doing anything to get an award ...
click here for the regular product ...

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I liked it!

I mean, i really doubt any woman would use it, but if i had to buy a new mouse pad, that would be the one! All day rubbing boobs, not bad, not bad at all!

And it´s educative too! I believe in two or three days you´ll be able to walk around offering women your breast cancer detecting skills.

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I'm a girl, I wouldn't use it, and I don't want to be reminded with the cancer all day long if you know what I mean..
some people've experienced it in the family and it hurts just thinking about it.. sorry!

and I wouldn't like to rub an other woman's boobies all day as well.. ;-/

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Mister Ham

True… I'm a man and I think the work on breast cancer should still be serious.
This aproach here is a much too manly and misses the female target group totally (you'll get playboy readers, or penthouse)
The way it is art directed is a nice joke, but do people wanna see jokes about breast cancer?

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hmm one girl rubbing another girls breasts all day... hmmm.

On serious note, good point lamz why would Asian woman want to be reminded of this all day.

Also i know Asians often use westerners in ads, but being an Asian woman and rubbing a westerner woman's breasts all day...weeeeird.

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Thank you lamz, for summarizing what I feel that the majority of women would think/react looking at this. It's bad.

Also - first thought was that it was for a breast enlargement clinic.

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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ha, I thought the same thing. If they want to reach women, they shouldn't have made the breasts look like huge fake tits.

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Well, as I've said in other posting...if you can't write in English, don't! The translation suxs. Also, I'm having problem accessing (to check out if this is genuine) the above mentioned website. It doesn't seems to exists.

Overall, this is just a really bad creative attempt. Really not well thought. And lack of taste, knowledge and relevance.

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the sad truth is that 80% of breast cancer awareness ads look like cheap entertainment for men. this one's probably the worst i've seen so far. it looks like a sex doll.

these pubescent guys seem to forget that breast cancer is a serious disease. besides missing it they also offend and make fun of their target group.

next time they should either ask a woman to join their creative team or just use their spoilt brains for other scam clients like a sex shop or similar.

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it was a genuine reaction to what I saw..
I couldn't think of anything else frankly ; P

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Why a blonde if it was made in China?

Maybe because most of the chinese girls don't have big boobies?

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considering women are the target, i don't think rubbing their hands on a sexy woman's tits all day is going to be very appealing to them.

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ay ay ay....esto no aporta en nada en la lucha contra el cáncer...lo hicieron de puro calentones...

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tu si que me pones calenton

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tu si que me pones calenton

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I'm going to guess that like a LOT of the Chinese ads showing up here lately this is fake. Why would you advertise using a Caucasian woman in China?

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This has given me a brillaint idea for a jock itch product, bahahaha

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good idea,i like it.

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looks skanky. me no like.

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Very good...

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if i was a woman I would not want that someone continuously remembered me the risk of cancer to the breast the end seems a goliardic gadget for male employs. :-)

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done to death. latest by Lowe Dubai for AXE

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send me a dozen of those, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

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i love it

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There is a tiny demographic of women that will stop at this ad. Personally I thought it was one of those gimmick things like the naked woman toothbrush....cheesy! Forget the massaging part ..its yucky from the beginning and heheheh to the translators.

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Perverts make terrible doctors & copping a feel of some woman's hooters does not reduce breast cancer.

You realize women DIE from this disease, right?

(Where's a Chinese translator when you need one?)

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good idea,i like it!

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... oh my god!!! is a pornographic website! O_O