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October 2011

Easier parking at Mobilia


Ambient advertisment created by Halva Kungariket, Sweden for Mobilia shopping mall, within the category: Automotive.

It's easier to park in our new parking house.

Advertising Agency: Halva Kungariket, Malmö, Sweden
Creative Director: Markus Lindsjö
Art Director: Markus Lindsjö
Copywriter: Gunnar Peterson
Additional credits: Tina Sandberg, Gustav Johansson, Tomas Nilsson

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Jexep's picture
Activity Score 182

Easy, Simple, but High Impact! :)

I like the part of creating topics not just another ads.

my marketing blog (Thai Language):

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Activity Score 1479

So simple it's scary.

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 51022

I love it.

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Activity Score 72
henito's picture
Activity Score 560

come on ...

Beamen's picture
Activity Score 225


Some local talents set the cars on fire? Hmmm...

ladybug2535's picture
Activity Score 78

Great stunt! Talk about viral advertising. I really love how they took advantage of an act of vandalism. They should also figure out why people didn't want to use the new garage....but as far as the ad campaign, very effective. I do wonder if the vandals set the cars on fire because they were ticked off that it WAS an advertising stunt. Some people really hate that. I don't think the advertisers did it (though they can be pretty sneaky--too much potential liability), I think they just took advantage of it.