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chintan ruparel
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okay, hot lingerie... next!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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that's one sexy hand model.


Rog's picture
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It's just a shame lighting up is being banned everywhere.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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hey this's very cool :P. i am sure the box of matches would finish used very fast.

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Hehehe! Love to have one of these in my pocket, keep mah stick on fire eh...

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cute and sexy!

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Have Heart
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Agreed, not the best hand-model... Nonetheless a very nice idea.

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set me on fire!!!

nice idea.

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Dick Huges
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My name is Dick huges and I approve this piece. And to the guys commenting on the hand-model: go get something to do.

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hot and flamable!!!! like it.

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very good.

ooops's picture
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is it come in series?
because woman butts not the most sexiest body parts for me :)

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you're absolutely right. their main target are probably women so they could have done something more 'women-friendly'. thinking about it again i retract my previous comment.
smells more like FHM, not like a classy lingery brand. nice idea, but maybe not the right product.

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Yes this is not for women, cause no woman in the world wants to feel sexy. That's why brands like Blush and Victoria's secret are selling burkas in their new colletions...

This piece suits perfectly the brand, Blush is the most succesful lingerie shop in berlin, and this piece got a NY festivals bronze.

I do like it.

addyhoch10's picture
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i don't really care what it won, i just gave my opinion.
how about just givin yours, without this immature bs?

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Love it!