April 2006


Finally somebody utilized the famous manholes of New York. Stickers with a top shot of a coffee mug were placed on top of steaming manholes. Small holes on the sticker allowed the steam to exit the drainage system. Looks great on photography, I wonder what the effect is in real life. Maybe the smells and footprints on the sticker somewhat take away from the coffee experince. I'll give the idea 10/10 either way.


Hey, City That Never Sleeps. Wake up. Folgers

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::Imagination is intelligence with an erection::

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It it ILLEGAL to tamper with NYC manholes in ANY WAY. It's a city ordinance. And there's a severe penalty for breaking it.
This is just another desperate attempt at getting exposure by someone who desperately wants it.
And there are SO MANY of them(spec ads) on this site as I've noticed.
I think it's a good creative exercise for your own entertainment(and perhaps at school), but this type of "creativity for creativity's sake" won't get you anywhere in real world when you're finally discussing your work face to face with a prospective employer.
Unless of course you have some pull at the agency.

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wonderful ambient... :)...
you can tell me, how can do it!

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