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Damn, this is nice!!! It would be so much interesting if they paste a blank signage on the girl side.

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why the heck is there a woman roping down on the men's room?
and WHERE exactly is she roping down from?

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is it roping up or down? vibe have a nice idea, haha. it would be nice if they make the guy sign to look down as well.

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then how will the women find their bathroom....mmm???

Arnold Santillan

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love it

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yeah, WC is already a good place for new ads, creative ads.
very good.

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i think it'd be better if the axe logo was on the top cause right now it looks like she's climbing away from it..

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good point.

Arnold Santillan

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OLD. Even I did the same thing when I was in my practice 6 years ago.


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I'm glad that Axe has found a new medium for their ads, but come on - aren't we getting tired of this very simple, overdone, primitive idea? It may have worked well in its original execution (how many years ago?), but Axe Body spray needs a serious make-over. And depending on the condition of the washroom, the thought of a woman pawing her way into this most unsanitary of places is pretty gross. Why would Axe, whose main selling feature is its smell, want to be associated with a toilet?

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on the one hand i really agree with you that axe could use a slightly more serious make-over.

on the other hand it still works well and i'm pretty sure axe wouldn't risk to lose their numerous (rather pubertal) customers.

in this context it works even on a men's room as long as it's in a clean condition.
when they don't mind to be pubertal, why not place a kneeing-woman sticker over the men's room symbol?
they could place the stickers in bars and clubs. another one would be the typical toilet cabin position with the girl leaning against the cabin's wall with her legs wrapped around his waist. 'the axe effect.'

nothing really new but would probably work better than this one

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this is frickin terrific. i agree w/ vibe, it would be cool if the women's restroom sign was sans the woman. but i like the guy just standing in his usual stance. it keeps w/ the axe image. the girls come to you, axe does all the work.

also addyhoch is right. this tactile is exactly what has sold so much of their product. it doesn't matter what it smells like. teenage boys will wear cologne that smells like skunk if they're told it will attract women.

great creative & great media buy.


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Even this one's done b4 for Axe itself. but done much better. in the other one both male n female signs are next to each other n the girl is jumping out of her box into the guys.

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i am agree with theassailante. but it's a great stuff altogether. well done budy

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Nice, but a little tooooo late my friends. Done by AXE itself. Keep ya head up. And keep creating.

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Liked it allot when i first saw it ... and i still do
(I work (stagiair) under Lowe (mccann-belgium) ... so i piss there every day ;)

But I don't realy like the way it is executed:
> idd, logo on top
> the plastic sticker shoud be shaped or somthing
> and the toilet-figures are ugly/weird when they move in different ways then originaly designed... but thats my opinion

Nevermind: i find it great fun :)

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Its's done. Interesting, but 4 years ago axe argentina do the same thing.... SORRY!!

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anyone have a sample of the original?


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Simply WOW!!! a delight to see girls chasing guys on signs!! i hope there were done for real.