Don't trash him

May 2008
Madre Segreta Ambient Ad -  Don't trash him


An "ambient campaign" to promote the service “Madre Segreta” dedicated to the all pregnant young women with financial difficulties.
A simple operation which does not require expensive installations:
above the trash bins in Milan some bows, which are usually used for birth announcements, are tied up - nearby entrance of hospitals, private clinics, family advice bureau, public health offices and clinics of obstetrics and gynaecology.
The message "Don't trash him" is clear and simple: an invitation to reflect and use the toll free number for information and help.

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I like it. nice and clean.

the one
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Art Director
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hey the one
can u expln me, what they tring to say???? i didn't got it. :-(

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Read the Rational.

Guest commenter
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Don't trash who?

Guest commenter
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