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The idea is good but the concept was not pushed far enough. They should have made the bag change colour or something like that. Polluted air from big city or fresh air from countryside will do the same to that bag.
I can't see the interest of doing this...

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Shouldn't the bags have been filled with dust when they were handed out? Or at least had some explanational copy on one side? But all in all it was an interesting attempt.

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andrej dwin
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gosh. not only is the caption in a language only slightly reminding me of English, but the whole thing itself is a bad translation of a somewhat interesting idea. and it costs a ton to produce.
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definatley an origional thought, whether it would be effective i seriously doubt.

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I think its a great start - Ask yourself how the bag could show pollutants in the air in front of the consumer. is there a bag that would respond to the air quality? if you turned on the vacuum and pointed it to they sky, will dirt and dust fill the bag?

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Do people even use vacuums with disposable bags any more? I personally havent used one in years. Good thought I guess, but how many people breathe through thier carpet?

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trying hard to link the idea and execution