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Reality Check
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This oh-so-subtle advertisement is otherwise as insubstantial a piece of work as you could possibly imagine; in fact, a light breeze could blow it away.

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OK, not a print ad. Got it. Sorry guys. Rating upgraded.

That's it.

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What do you mean by two chimes? It's not two; it's one (photographed twice to show the inset from both sides). I think this is nice.

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Okay, not two chimes, but the same chime shown twice, side by side. Is that really a significant distinction?

But you like it and I don't. To each his own.

(By inset, I meant the trio of shots to the right, not the hanging tag. I'd have rather seen the chime image do all the work.)


That's it.

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you are missing the point.. this is not the ad.. this is simply what they are using to show you what it is.. the chimes is installed at the location shown in the inset...

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If this is an explanation of the way an in-store display works (rubber wind chimes), then it's fine, and I stand corrected.

That's it.

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@Bill: this isnt a print ad...its ambient d chimes nd inset they hav shown is to explain to us their idea nd how they executed it

i kinda like the idea...d flipside though is whether just a tag and no sound can help in attractin d attention of d consumers...

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Nice concept, but I'm not sure people will notice this silent stuff over their heads.

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Roshan Quintus
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bite me

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the observation is very interesting but i agree that this doesn´t work properly in print.