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August 2007

Ambient advertisment created by Faltman & Malmen, Sweden for Kontanten, within the category: Finance.

ATMs close by.

Advertising Agency: Fältman & Malmén, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Magnus Fältman
Art Director: Mattias Flyborg
Copywriter: Erik Höglund
Illustrator: Tina Lindholm
Photographer: Eric Satten

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Activity Score 194


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Activity Score 32

done done done done done done done done done done done done...

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Activity Score 554

Are you trying to tell us something?

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Activity Score 51

Really, then show it to us.

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Activity Score 1464

1. why don't you complete a whole sentence.
2. show us a link or atleast describe it.
3. stop being an idiot.

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Activity Score 266

he is broke

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Activity Score 1262

not that bad

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Activity Score 546

Habría sido mejor para clases de acordeón

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sometimes i enjoy the comments more than the ad.. just like this time... :D

| everartz |

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Me too.
The comment is always attactive like this time.

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--- a2obspl

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Done many many many many many times before

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I think elmo141 already said that. Your comment has been DONE.

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Wait, since you just used the "D" word in your comment, can we use it in any other comments? Or would it be considered "Done"? (Damn it, I just did it!)

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This was in Nov? 2007 CMYK done by a student.

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Looks like there are a lot of bills in the wallet.

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Actually that's true... it does look like the wallet has money in it. So how is this good?

And the reason there has been so much DONEING of this ad is because the whole idea of using the BUS and it's various parts like opening doors and what have you have been done and re-done and then re-done again. So ok MAYBE it hasn't been used to promote the ATM close by. MAYBE a wallet has not been used before. But the whole concept / idea of using the bus with huge images tacked on is tottering dangeriously into the area of 'seen before'.

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So... because someone has used a bus as an advertising medium before no one can ever do it again? If that's true then no one should ever do a TV spot again, or a newspaper print ad etc. Look, I'm not saying this is the most original idea I've ever seen but I'm really sick of people just yelling DONE! at every single ad on this site. But I'm sure they'll continue to do it and I'll continue to make fun of them.

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I can totally agree with you james!

I think what's reallly important is if the audience in the street will get the message.. And i think they will get the message (atleast he won't say to him self 'damn i have seen this sooo many times done done done'..

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I really just thought if the wallet has so much money why do you need an atm?