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July 2008

Ambient advertisment created by Breed, Netherlands for Interior Matters, within the category: House, Garden.

Put aside for something special from Interior
The webshop with the latest trends in living.

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brain123's picture
Activity Score 830

Why exactly are dutch people exited about what other people throw away??
And why would people upload a picture of their garbage in order to get a 10% discount LATER?
Besides, I couldn't find the banner or link in the website where people can upload their garbage pictures...

Call me skeptic, but for me the "whole campaign" seems to be just garbage with a plain boring sticker...

sneakyhands's picture
Activity Score 1857

there must be a smart way to promote that doesn't trash a city.

dzzl's picture
Activity Score 33

order online, get a sticker, take a photo and get 10% discount with your next purchase. easy does it.

Bye's picture
Activity Score 1464

The problem with consumer generated content is that people only care if it's either a cool brand or you get stuff for free. This isn't Nike and there's no free stuff, in other words the creatives will be placing these stickers on other people's old furniture and that'll be it.