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smoothing out wrinkles doesn't seem damn interesting...but the technology definitely is...

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Agreed. Cool technology.

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Impressive, this opens doors to a whole new medium...

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A similar idea (not close enough to say these guys were ripping them off, BTW) was used a couple of years ago for a large trade show exhibit that had an interactive video wall of gigantic blades of grass -- as you walked past it, the grass moved. It was a very cool effect.

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So cooool!!... This reflects the importance of knowing the technology around us so we can pull things like this... This opened my mind a lot, cool btl...

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if people wanted to touch wrinkles, they wouldn't be so bad.

i'm now imagining a lottery ticket the size of an aircraft carrier.

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Nevermind if the cream works or not the campaign sure does! i bet kids had a lot of fun time smoothening out those wrinkles on screen!

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I especially like how it uses children to pull in the mothers. I often forget such tactics are options. Cool stuff.

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why don't they just put skin.

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cool technology

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