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Everything that makes the client's life easier is well received.

I wonder what would it happen when it starts to rain, though...

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Yes, my profile picture is my dog on my sister's bed, with a pillow and a blanket...

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Just for people who don't understand a word of this (it's Dutch): 67% of all mothers in the Netherlands think it's stressing to shop with a pushchair. Shops are not build for this, hence House of Shoes makes a buggy parking.

And yes good point Gonndo - what if it starts to rain hehe, it's in the Netherlands after all.

Also, when I look around in the Netherlands there are not an awful lot of mothers with pushchairs that go shopping. I suppose they leave their baby at home. This might still become effective if it reaches some news attention but 447 views on YouTube in over a month time is pretty disappointing.

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What JackM's trying to say is... yes, good idea.

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carrying a kid around a shop makes it even more difficult to try on shoes


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GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Deffo scam, did you see how shoddily made the buggy parking paper things were... this would have ran for all of at least 20 mins whilst they were filimg.

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