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June 2009

Ambient advertisment created by JWT, Italy for Heineken, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Pietro Maestri
Creative Director: Bruno Bertelli
Head of Art: Cristiana Boccassini
Art Director: Alessandro Agnellini
Copywriter: Davide Iacono
Account Director: Elisa Petrone
Photographer: Corbis
Illustrator: Manlio Truscia

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Prof's picture
Activity Score 1449

"The critics award that decided to punish itself on its own." LOL

the cover of that wannabe minimalist thing kinda reminds me of a scene in requiem for a dream, with the chick in red standing at the peer.

Quite really.

tirthomitro's picture
Activity Score 2758

hahaha... kewl stuff

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

Jakarta Jack's picture
Jakarta Jack

kinda boring. and so not convincing. how many people actually ordered a heineken beer after picking one of these fakes up? 2?
besides that i find it kind of insulting.

Duckman's picture
Activity Score 520

Insulting? Against manhood? You should really drink one.

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

Jakarta Jack's picture
Jakarta Jack

"beerdrinkers tend to be immature" seems to go against heineken's global strategy, a very mature beer.

Guest's picture

Ottimo divertente e spiazzante.
Il sito lasciava un po' a desiderare invece...

Guest's picture

Lame as a one legged millipede.

Guest's picture

Great idea for Heineken, cause in Italy it's the beer for lighthearted guys.

Guest's picture

Very funny. Uahahaahah!!!