July 2007

NH Hotels advertisement was placed on Iberia airlines headrests. On the back of the headrests you could see illustrations enjoying the different activites offered by NH Hotels: golf, beach, sauna, etc. When people sat they would see the illustration in front of them and just above the illustration's head you could see the hair of the person seating right in front as well, as if it were the illustration's own set of hair.

NH Hotels. Where you would like to be.

Advertising Agency: Zapping/M&C Saatchi, Spain
Executive Creative Directors: Uschi Henkes
Copywriter: Carlos García Janini
Art Directors: Uschi Henkes

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anad's picture
Activity Score 20

funny i like it..

i loooove advertising:)

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Activity Score 33

nice and simple

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Activity Score 443

Really like it!! That's a good try !

A. J. SMITH's picture
Activity Score 2822

Not really doing it for me.

It's alright though.


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drunk dave
Activity Score 1066

Weird, and wonderful.

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Pacific Blue
Activity Score 335

I love the work of Zapping, specially the press books and movie posters.
Uschi, Manolo, you should check my portfolio...

Best regards.

(^_^) I'm not chinese, I'm constipated

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Activity Score 1147

what about blondes? that wouldn't look that good + illustrations could have been better. But it's not a bad idea I must say.

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Activity Score 1894

These are nice - especially since you've got the most captive of captive audiences looking at these for hours on end. They probably have people giggling all over the plane.

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Activity Score 146

Really simple and really good. Love it.

Darren Alawi
Creative web & brand design

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Activity Score 687

Cute idea, but the cartoon characters don't look very happy. Aren't they supposed to be where they wanted to be?

- Tung
--good idea is enemy of great idea

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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Ed Mintone
Activity Score 585

I can see why they got the go ahead on this idea.

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ahmed ragheb
Activity Score 297

but cant a spicky guy .. set in the place of the lisse set !! SO:???

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Activity Score 558

Top marks for novelty, but would annoy the shit outa me if I had to look at those things for hours on end. Viagra Ads will be next.

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Activity Score 81

i love the illustration style..and the place they put the ad..lovely


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Activity Score 703

nice new media.


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Activity Score 806

omg omg omg! i love this idea! great one!

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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Activity Score 36

The idea's well, I guess it would get my attention and amuse me. But if I had to sit and face that on a long-haul flight....

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Activity Score 20

yay ambient media!

I do like this! and if i saw it in front of me on a plane it'd make me smile and stick in my mind. which is the point right?!

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Activity Score 6692

Awesome! And sooo funny!

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Activity Score 1093

nice, very honest

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Activity Score 539

what if...there's nobody sitting in front of me? or... if there's a kid sitting in front, or a... short lady...

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Activity Score 55

When you walk through the aisle you'll get a chance to see it when someone is sitting :)