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If I took my kids to the zoo and everywhere we looked some HDTV company had turned the aquarium into a living commercial, I think I'd be peeved enough not to buy the product. People go to aquariums for the experience - don't cheapen it for them. It's likely to backfire.

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I'm with you. I'd be pretty peeved if I went to this aquarium and there were ad stickers like these on the windows. I'd ask for my money back.

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exactly. The ad area looks blurry so there is not that much space for a clear view at the life behind the glass. I would be really pissed off if I saw this in a zoo...

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You're right - I just noticed that. The clear parts of the ad are blurrier than the aquarium glass, leaving us with the message that "HDTV is only slightly blurrier than real life". Nice.

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I think you guys miss the point. Its not that EVERY glass in one zoo has the stickers. Those shots are from many different zoos. I agree Id be pissed if every glass had ads on them. But if only one in the zoo had it, I think that works...

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All images were taken in the same zoo: the AQUA ZOO in Düsseldorf
I have been there recently.
I remember the locations they have chosen.

The AQUA ZOO in Düsseldorf is quite old now and doesn't attract so many visitors anymore.
Therefore I can imagine them agreeing to do this for a day.


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hahahaha, so if it doesnt attract too many people why advertise there?
if i was a client i wouldnt agree, epecially just for ONE day

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not a good idea......below average

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Their main success in this campaign is how they can persuade the zoo and aquarium for them to advertise. Seriously, did their management really approve this?

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Fabian show us the video for this please because i know for a fact that a zoo will not allow you to put such huge stickers on their glass for longer than 2 min (just enough time to maybe shoot this and put it on adsoftheworld)

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Fabian Kirner
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Mpeg will follow on Monday... Bye. F