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Activity Score 46

I think is a clever and would make people laugh. Very good.

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this is very funny....

But, how you presuppose to man who sitting back will see the movie on screen :)

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Activity Score 311

Yep, probably cinema isn't the right place.

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King Zeus

i like it... funny

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ad pedant
Activity Score 58

not bad - but comedy central is giving two fingers to the rest of the cinema... which is probably funnier than the old "rabbit ears" trick anyway

Activity Score 1838

Yeah not bad.

Took me a minute, but then it is almost hometime.


We're going to need more lube.

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so lame.
probably as lame as this channel.

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Btl more creative than I have seen in weeks, brilliant and simple. Insight of joke of all the life conjugated with photographic images.

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Activity Score 558

Nice idea. Great way to piss people off too.

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Activity Score 2

I think it's kind of clever and funny. Even if the person sitting behind can't see, their likely to take down the sticker and get a closer look at it. Hopefully there is enough light in the room to actually read it though...

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I don't get it. Because:
This is a joke that we do with closer (or not) friends before taking a picture.
Has been like this for 150 years.
So: Who takes pictures inside the cinema????

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Activity Score 44

Great idea! Congrats Rod. Few months ago I've created a campaign for a cinema and I spent a lot of time to find something like that, but I couldn't. Good Job.

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Charlie Pratt
Activity Score 427

Silly, just like Comedy Central. I like it.

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perhaps it's better placed on bus seats... or stuck on a wall behind seats of a waiting room. But that would mean placing the logo somewhere else.

anyway, it's good. it's playful and new. :)

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i think it's placed in a cinema so the shadow of the two fingers would appear on screen?

That would make it very clever and very annoying.

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Funny to begin with, but for how long?

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Activity Score 46

I think is a clever and would make people laugh. Very good.