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So you were flipped off by people on the street and photographed by tourists. Absolutely...pointless.

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Brandstalkers? More like time wasters. You owe me 3 minutes and eleven seconds. There need to be a filter for this University/School project crap.

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so boooooring.
Please keep quality rolling.

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waaa waaa waaaaa

What whingers...I thought it was random, funny and kept me entertained.. you whingers owe yourselves time for wasting your own time writing such boring wiiiinnnning comments

Cheer the heck up

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Crisp One
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this isn't edgy, its like Mormon Jackass.

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Guest commenter

the comment above is hilarious.

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pointless art....

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Guest commenter

What art has a point? - I thought that was the point, that there doesnt have to be one...

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Crisp One
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advertising is art with a point or big yea, its pointless.

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yeah but why does it have to have a point? - expand your mind man

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Crisp One
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put the bong down, and pick your sketch book up, maaaaaan.

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Guest commenter

Hmmm...mockery hey - thats unfortunate and very brave of you - especially on the internet - big man. Shows where you at..

How can you judge another (or anothers work) - are you the centre of the universe where all logic and reason gravitates??

Please tell us all, oh wise one, what is it that you write in your sacret sketch book.


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Crisp One
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Whats wrong pissy pants, you get a lil butt hurt cuz someone didn't like your idea,and now its time to get back at the people who express their opinions? This stunt needs a big idea, if it doesn't, it has no call to the product, which is the reason your doing it all in the first place, if this was just an expression piece, upload it to YouTube.
Why don't you put an identity to your comments, instead of being this unknown person with a leaky bottom.

AOtW is sometimes the Lions Den, don't throw something here and expect it not to get ripped apart now and then.

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Ed's mate

I dont mind people critisizing other peoples work..constructively or inconstructively ( it actually humors me)...& what you mentioned in the central part of he comment above is quite valid. So bring on the lions.

But i do think, however, that blaitently ( i know i cant spell) mocking another personally with childish insults (bong reference, 'pissy pants', leaky bottom etc) because they didnt agree with your particular comment is a little weak..

I encourage proffessional opinions and even unproffessional opinions - but calling each other names like your back in the school yard is just a tad immature and uncreative, wouldnt you say Ed??

As for my identity - you dont know me so why do you wanna know? If you can justify your answer il tell you.

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Salli E

I wish there was a mormon jackass hahaha

p.s i enjoyed the mormons none the less....

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This sure raised a lot of points of discussion eh?

Mormon jackass. That's a really good one. hahaha