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October 2008

Ambient advertisment created by JWT, Hong Kong for Friends of the Earth, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Pollution is closer than you think.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Hong Kong
Creative Directors: Steven Lee, Kwong Chi Kit, Barbara Fu
Art Directors: Fei Leung, Arthur Tse
Copywriters: Babara Fu, Jesse Wong
Other additional credits: Nick Leung, Serena Tsang

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Guest commenter

strong !

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strong and clever.



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strong and clever?


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which your opinion?



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you were probably involved in producing this blight.

Bathe yourself in gold-dust then i'll believe you're filthy rich.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Yeh pretty sound,
Not sure how this is executed though, I think you would have to pay the stall sellers a chunk of dosh because this makes the product they are selling far less enjoyable to consume. All in all I haven't seen this before and it's rather powerful.

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All ears
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I like it. I agree it is strong. Maybe a little dated but strong.

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very cool thinking. if i were one of those food stalls, however, i'd probably use the lids that didn't tell my customers to go somewhere else.

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This is cool.

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What? I'm sorry but this is weak weak weak.
Suck on an exhaust? And then what? Oh, now I feel so bad about my carbon emissions I might just walk to work. whatever.

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Agreed. This is a one-stop message that's preaching to the choir.

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COOL ! I like it ! Great !


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Good Job, I like it~ :)

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what coffee or beverage house would actually let you use these?

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doesn't work. nice execution. bad concept.

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SO Bloody What! A good ad tells you something. A great ad tells you something you didn't know about the product/service. Where's the reward for the consumer. Sorry, but this is a first idea

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i like it!
cool idea.

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Guest commenter

What about the product they drinking from the cup ? ... they have nothing to do with this "bad concept".

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I like it, but it smells like scam.
I think they only produced 1 cup and took 4 pictures of it with different people.

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Where is the call to action? I get the cup and drink the "exhaust", now what? Am I supposed to drive less? Should I recycle the cup? The concept is clever, but it needs more refining to be effective. Also, not the best visual for me as I am attempting to enjoy my beverage.

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missed my turn
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Yeah, this is just okay to me.

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It's very powerful. Although this lid will make the drink less appealing, every time I take a sip of a drink, I can imagine catching a glance of the lid and think twice about my actions. That grey colour is making me lose my appetite already!

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Guest commenter

scam. scam. scam. scam. shame. shame. shame. shame.

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Osama Nofal
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very scary & meaningful

learning / entertaining

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this is very true and a very good example. often this kind of ad though is strong, but weak in the call for action. apply to most of the public awareness ads.

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Helloooo? We don't inhale beverages don't we?!!! That's why the idea sucks (no pun intended)

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Guest commenter

That must be a scam!!!!!

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Guest commenter

Idea ok....just wonder how it's implemented. food stall? they would cooperate? if you have been to hong kong and you will know what food stall owners look like...