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is a new selling technique?
can be adapted...a different style of invitation.
but this description here for what? pitching...?
Any way we do presentations like this.

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot

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nice thought... would have been great if some outdoor sounds could be incorporated.
I'm a huge harley Fan.. but can't afford one. yet

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Excellent !! Le résultat est la preuve, non ?
Agree with u Kalpesh but the famous sound of Harley is all the same a noise :/

Art Director FP7 Morocco

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What?? They bought a Harley because they got wind blown in their face ? Do they buy one each time they walk past a ventilator as well ? If these guys were so hyped on buying a harley, a nice and cheaper flyer would do the trick.
If they wanted to do an impressive mailing, they should've gone all the way, by incorporating a visual of a road on a landscape (where you only see the hands of the biker) and maybe ad the famous harley sound just as kalpesh suggested.

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The creative states that only 30 of these were distributed to already inclined executives who had expressed an interest. These were not produced for mass dissemination but were targeted towards a wealthy cohort. A cheaper flyer wasn't the goal, and in this case wouldn't have been effective, they went with an expensive pitch because they wanted it to look expensive.

Having music/sound come out of the box sounds tacky to me but I can see where you're coming from. I think it was a smart move all round. I definitely wouldn't have gone the handlebars on a landscape as was just suggested above though. That's been done hundreds of times and probably wouldn't have held any busy executives attention more than 10 seconds.

Seems like a great idea to me and with 18/30 sold, that's a pretty impressive ROI.

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Same idea / other execution
Done with a flip book for a chewing gum which gives fresh breath.
Cannes 2006.

Don't remember the brand. If someone do...

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Done. Al Qaeda, 2001. They just used Anthrax.

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Good Dandelion thought

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot

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Done. Dandelion, 2007. He just used his brain farts.

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Harley is about freedom (as opposed to speed), so it's an interesting angle - although Harley is also about being a bad boy/girl, so anything they do needs to be laced with attitude. It's almost good, but not quite.

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I think it's great, I get the mood of freedom. But isn't the wind in your face a generic benefit of any bike??

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Yes it is (almost) mostly for naked bikes that suppose to bring a closer contact with nature... but did any other of these bikes do this? or afford to do it?
As a bike rider myself, I'm not much into Harley's, but i must give this ad the benefits, since these bikes are mostly image makers and for "wanting to live the adventure" people (not to mention the word "masochists")

-- I can have will, but i don't want to --

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I think when it comes to the high income executive market it isn't so much of a choice between bike brands, its a decision to get a bike. Once the decision is made to get a bike there isn't really any brand that oozes prestige like Harley Davidson. It's likely more of a choice between a new BMW sedan or a new Harley.

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It's a nice thought.

I'm a bit wary though, about the 18/30 sold thing. It doesn't exactly say if the 18 sold were to those executives. It could have been a prospective gang wanting to get themselves new rides, all around the same time.
Maybe I'm just being pedantic.

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