Blue Bloods

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April 2011

It’s Media. It’s Outdoor. It’s Interactive. It’s Promotion. It’s PR. It’s integrated. What is this? Fox Crime performs, for the first time in history, an outdoor billboard that uses an iPhone app to interact with the public through a set of dynamic elements, powered by the real world, allowing a game that uses a mix of tools ever combined so far. We developed an augmented reality (AR) application, to play against the billboard in real-time, shooting the bad guys and polishing one’s shooting style as if in a shooting salon, through the iPhone camera, and thanks to the gyroscope and the geolocation system.

Ambient advertisment created by Bungalow25, Spain for Fox Crime, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Bungalow25, Madrid, Spain
Executive creative Directors: Pablo Pérez-Solero, Julio Gálvez
Creative Directors: Iñigo Ancizu, Javier Gómez
Art Director: David García
Copywriter: Lucía Bara Online
Creative Director: Javier Galiana
Account Director: Marta Larrauri
Account Executive: Raquel López de Lacalle

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DBB's picture
Activity Score 1216

For the first time in history?
Aren't you embarrassed even to write this sentence?
I wanted to say it's a nice campaign but after this case i don't really like it anymore.

morse's picture
Activity Score 18024

Great work. I would play with this for sure.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

Bob.C's picture
Activity Score 1159

It seems interesting although the explanation is really poor and distracting. Does anyone have a better explanation of the campaign and technology (is it just one site, how does the twitter element work etc, prizes, how did it tie in)?

There is a video which I think might have more details on youtube if you speak Spanish (I don't)

atb2005's picture
Activity Score 13557

I was going to say the same. This is a very poor case video.

Bungalow25's picture
Activity Score 9

If is not a fake, It´s a incredible ad and app.
But the video case is not good.
Anyway the idea is great.

dean viii's picture
dean viii
Activity Score 1686

technology is not a concept.

Bungalow25's picture
Activity Score 9

Technology is not a concept, but the use of technology for make a billboard fun, i´ts.