Fido Sessions

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September 2008

Since the beginning of August, small white dolls - unbranded, plain white male and female figures who prompt passersby to “Text 411 to 10987” - began appearing at select locations in Toronto’s downtown core. The figures have shown up in the form of chalk art, sidewalk washes, tree hangers and through the first Canadian use of ‘Flogos’ (flying logos), culminating in the appearance of the 30-foot versions. It has been revealed that these dolls are “Fidolls” and part of a campaign for Canadian wireless company Fido to promote Fido Sessions, a quarterly series of events promoting art, travel and design.

Ambient advertisment created by Bos, Canada for Fido, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: Bos, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Chad Borlase, Gary Watson
Art Director: Ibraheem Youssef
Copywriter: Mwewa Frederick Nduna
Client Service: Jennifer Sullivan, Katherine Fryday
Media Agency: Bos, Toronto
Media Planners: Kyleen Labreche, Jill Wellard, Emily Ouellette
Event Planning: District Lifestyle Marketing, Toronto

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Copy_Can's picture

Why should I send a text? What happens when I send the text? What's the point?

You show giant inflatable stuff and people made out of foam and I'm supposed to get excited? "Oh please take my 10 cents for the text message, I don't want it. I don't know what's going to happen, but I'm going to text anyway."

Anyone who sent a text should get their money back.

Definitely a weak idea that's bland and full of hot air.

JackLord's picture
Activity Score 2

if you text you receive invitations to Fido Sessions events. During August there were 4 events - 3 gallery shows & a concert. Info on the past Sessions events can be seen on Facebook

fauxjebus's picture
Activity Score 498

I think he was asking rhetorically, like "why would a white men's bathroom logo compel me to sign up for some mystery SMS thing?"

It's just very uninteresting.

Guest's picture

Oh a rival agency being negative!!

gumby88's picture
Activity Score 21

Actually I think they are full of helium, not hot air.

michelangelo_of_ad's picture
Activity Score 408

and i clicked on this ad....

"I have no friends, and don't want any." - Michelangelo

iwannatalktosamson's picture
Activity Score 701

Oh, so THAT's what that mysterious symbols was on the washroom door at the bar last night.
I should have know they were advertising an art show.

virtualplaydoh's picture
Activity Score 252

When good guerilla goes bad.

keddy's picture
Activity Score 124

there has to be a reason for me to spend on a text from my mobile!!!

Correct me if i'm wrong

How_Addy's picture
Activity Score 66

This ad tells me that I can text to receive directions to the nearest toilets.
And after looking at this "idea", I might just need it.

Wordnerd's picture
Activity Score 6692

that would be a awesome service :)