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Now this one is quite better. Clever use of the media.
Like it!!!

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To me this one is somehow less impressive in the video. It's weird. Something about the one-sided gate movement and detached hand is not working for me. A feeling I didn't pick-up on when viewing the still photos.

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yeah it'd be a lot better if people had to physically open the gate, rather than an automated one.

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bright rhino
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I like this.

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good one

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Gad - those lines are awful. The ad is brilliant all on its own.

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there is a mistake in the creative name list of this work.
the correct name list should be:

Group Executive Creative Director: Nils Andersson
Associate Creative Director & Copywriter: David To
Art Director: Teng Teong Hoe
Photographer: Riggs

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Hmmn....I don't care if David To is promoted or whatever. Just show us good ads!!!