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May 2016

Ambient advertisment created by JWT, China for Evolution Fitness Center, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Slender body, switch on from here.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Beijing, China
Creative Director: Jordan Hsueh
Art Director: Chris yan
Copywriter: Lily zhao

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nice. works better w/ the man though.

Jonny Lonestar's picture
Jonny Lonestar
Activity Score 282

Awesome idea, though I wonder how frequently a gym customer would interact with the light switch....

obladioblada's picture
Activity Score 256

It was already done. Last year in Brazil

See in the link:

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Should be placed elsewhere, not in the gym itself, to get new customers.

Mr.Top's picture
Activity Score 728

good point

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No jodan y ponganse a trabajar!!

Andal's picture
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Que gran comentario.
Smart and Funny Signature.

It's so easy to critic.

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Dick Huges's picture
Dick Huges
Activity Score 937

Guys, when you do a lot of scam work, try to send them in different days, so we don't think that this is all you ever do. If a Cannes Jury member is seeing this page today he/she will have a very bad idea about JWT Beijing work.

puppiepoppy's picture
Activity Score 1634

These scammy work is really bad. Jordan don't even work on the bread and butter accounts, how do you expect he do great scam work? If you're ever in Beijing, you'll get to know his reputation.

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Will the gym's lights be off all the time? So that customers that come will on it themself to get a feel of this ambient?

If that's the case, this will only work for the first batch of people.

How about the second batch onwards? Off it again? Ever think about the people already in the gym?


puppiepoppy's picture
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Alvinpck, why are you so critical to them? It's just scammy work, that's all. Let them be. The juries will smell it miles away.

dynatop's picture
Activity Score 212

actually, there is no Evo******** fitness center in china! that is all

cullers's picture
Activity Score 332

For the female execution I keep thinking: pregnant, breast implants, pregnant, breast implants.

also, pregnant, lactating, pregnant, lactating.

and this makes me giggle.