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August 2010

elba videopresentation


Not every small-scale business can afford an accountant. Fortunately, there is “Elba”, an Internet program making accounting so easy that anybody can be an accountant. The target is to draw attention of business owners to Elba. Media budget is 0 $. Small-scale companies commonly don’t have HR managers. Directors search for employees themselves. Therefore, we posted over 250 CV of non-existent drivers, guards and secretaries on major Russian free job sites (,,, etc.). When directors called our candidates the candidates said they had become accountants and work with the help of Elba. Result: Within two weeks over 12000 people viewed the CV and 5500 of them offered a job. The number of “Elba” users grew two-fold.

Ambient advertisment created by Voskhod, Russia for Elba, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

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Love the art direction of this concept more than anything.

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This internet campaign started and ended earlier than the example that you brought

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with media budget 0...this is impressive...unique concept..

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It's not new, but it works.

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Ron Burgundy
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It worked, fine. But how annoying I bet it was when those small companies realized they were getting "scammed" into visiting Elba. Craigslist is full of that crap too and it may work, but no one likes it.

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Berny Misceláneo
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Incredible strategy.

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Very creative and gutsy. Being Mr Skeptical, i do wonder what the grown twice part means in exact numbers.