Holy Sh*t, Air Force One is a Sell Out!

June 2013

Ecko: Holy Sh*t, Air Force One is a Sell Out!


On 20th April 2006, Marc Ecko, graffiti artist and founder of the Ecko fashion apparel pulled off a viral stunt: a film of himself and his crew spray painting the Air Force One with the words: Still Free. It was one big hoax. But on 9th May 2013: HuffingtonPost broke the news that the real Air Force One Presidential Aircraft was up for bid. Proof of Evidence. Therefore, we seized this rare opportunity and came up with this concept: what if Ecko buys Air Force One and uses it to launch a sales promotion with an ironic double entendre?

Ambient advertisment created by Miami Ad School, United States for Ecko, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, USA
Art Director: Olowu Kayode
Copywriter: Babatunde Adebola
Tutor: Sebastian Groebner

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Dope sh*t.

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Jessica Lomasson
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Incredible work- you spelled Force wrong at the end though! Fix it and re-upload so it doesn't take away from how amazing the whole idea is!!!

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