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the gutter of the page makes it look like an ass crack.

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hmm... I know the credits... it's done by Miami Ad School students (Jannik and umm....may be carlos). It was shortlisted in the recent YG award show.

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we've seen this already.

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doesnt work for more than 1 reason.
a. like mentioned b4 the gutter makes it look like ass.
b. it an ugly pair of aussiebum lookalike
c. the legs and the way its shot, it looks awful!
i'd never want to know how it'd look on me by placing that ugly ad on my thighs! eeew! gross!

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SO What !

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borrowed interest. This idea has been done a few times as an ambient campaign inside malls. Similar concept - not a wow anymore.

original doodles + creative sweat =

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would it work if i was standing up on the train reading the magazine?

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good point!

original doodles + creative sweat =