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Not sure... People that want to commit suicide don't really go practising it at swimming pools beforehand. Bad placement for an ad of the sort.

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Activity Score 74

Not sure... People that want to commit suicide don't really go practising it at swimming pools beforehand. Bad placement for an ad of the sort.

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I´m so depressed...I think i´ll kill myself... no wait... i´ll go swimming first and then kill myself...

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I think the concept is great, since this is a general awareness campaign. I think they missed the boat a bit in terms of respecting the effectiveness vs. the conceptual art though. What I mean is that they only printed it on the highest platform because that fit better with their artistic concept, but if they were truly concerned with the greatest awareness, they would have printed it on the other platforms as well. There is no guarantee that someone who is suicidal is automatically a thrillseeker or risk junkie (no guarantee that those people are using the top platform vs. the bottom one).


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Go to suicide help and we will help you commiting suicide the painless way

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Nobody will kill themselve jumping from that diving board, in fact that place has a positive and funny connotation, then, why that would be a good place to generate awareness for that problem..., I mean, thank you I was having fun and you put this ad here!.

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drunk dave
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Truly the stupidest placement ever.

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this is retarded. i dont know about anyone else, but when im jumping off a diving board im having a pretty good time, suicide is the last thing on my mind. way to take the fun out of a super sweet cannon ball.

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Having done some research at uni about teen suicides, I personally think this is actually a good place to put the message - teens often plan suicide for a while and carry on their normal lives until they do the deed - so for those people, the message is appropriate. Often the family don't suspect a thing - it's not all emos skulking in their rooms. And young men in particular have difficulty discussing their suicidal feelings with people they know, so putting the message somewhere like this means they are pointed to help without having to ask anyone where that help is.

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thanks for the insight.

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but its hitting 1 outta i dunno 75? 100? with the thought of suicide crossing their minds...

... its already been done...

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I´m not sure about the placement. Suicidal people are everywhere, not only in a platform just about to jump into a pool. They should target this campaign to other places, not only platforms.

I´m not sure about that copy neither, cause this people use to be depressed and that text should be a bit more sensitive about that.
(It shouldn´t be THAT sarcastic)

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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I agree. The copy is 100% innapropriate for the subject matter.

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This seems like someone thought it was a clever idea and execution without much thought to maximizing exposure.

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Gorilla Lover
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What is great about gorilla is that you can get extremely targeted with the placement so you get maximum exposure to your audience with very small budget and avoid blanketing message waste. This completely misses the boat. It's 100% waste.

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Paruku RabidLeroy
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I think you spelt 'guerrilla' wrong - it's not 'gorilla'.

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Surly creative ...
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This ad makes me want to kill myself. Imagine finally mustering up the guts to attempt the high dive so you climb all the way up the ladder, look out to your friends and right before you dive your eyes glance down by your feet and you read something about suicide?

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What a terrible idea. The creatives responsible for this should kill themselves! I hope that they jumped after placing this? Pity its on the edge of a high diving board and not on the edge of a tall building!

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i think it would be very effective. put yourself in the kids' shoes (or feet or whatever). it's a very unusual place for an ad, and the serious message contrasts starkly with the fun of being there. so they will notice it. even if they aren't thinking of killing themselves then and there, they'll know there's somewhere to go if they wanna jump.

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i think the final jump is good,
but it choosed a wrong place.

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I think the stencils are nice, but the placement is all wrong.

In my country there are Samaritans posters on bridges known to be suicide spots, and whilst this ad is better written and more permanent, the Samaritans ones are in the right place, so they work better.

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And when you think this could help many suicide teenagers... And because the agency picked a bad placement, they will all gonna die.

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C'mon people. Look at the pics closely. This looks like a popular teen hangout at the edge of a lake or something. I don't know in Switzerland, but I've always lived near the beach in Puerto Rico, and there are spots, bridges, rocks, etc, where you can find maybe 50-70 teens diving daily.

Get to work!

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if my memory serves me right there was a printed bus top saying something like- " don't jump"
it was far better.