February 2008



With every FHM magazine came along a decoy/disguise cover of some fictional and mundane magazine. Slip the cover on and read it anytime, anywhere without attracting awkward glares. Read it at the bus stop, the dining table, the church...

Advertising Agency: MC square, Mumbai, India
Copywriter: Akhilesh Bagri
Art Directors: Yamie Shah, Mansi Javadekar
Creative Director: Amaii
National Creative Director: Kartik Mani

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CreepingFeature's picture
Activity Score 244

Rip off of CP + B's Molson beer campaign. And the Molson alternative covers were better. Cheap ass MC Square copycats.

mikepants2005's picture
Activity Score 504

Wasn't this ideas done in the 1970's? And anyway, why be ashamed to read 'FHM'? It's hardly 'Beastiality Monthly'!

capywriter's picture
Activity Score 5509

Strange... did FHM actually liked the fact that you disguise their covers? I can't imagine they feel ashame for their own cover... I guess they actually like the idea that a lot of other people see their covers... free publicity... Or is this a cultural thing?

Totto's picture
Activity Score 685

cultural thing it is.

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

kre8's picture
Activity Score 989

this was really funny when it was done 15 years ago for the 48th time.

carlo's picture
Activity Score 163

This will infuriate the OBC ad placer.


Because great designs need no further explanation.

constant ine's picture
constant ine
Activity Score 2

looks @#~...... think over your ideas b4 xecuting aleast ----and not to mention the art directors learn someting better