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Interesting concept. Nevertheless, the blood "sends" you towards death. That's why you should have used the past tense "did you..."
Anyway I enjoyed it ;)

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Federico Lodolini

Thank's a's a great satisfaction for a student of adv as I am!!!

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i thought it was gross until i noticed it was a big decal. i wish the splatters were different. maybe i've been watching too much dexter, but i feel that either the splatters should be finer like they weren't intended to end up on the wall, or the bloody fingers should slide downwards as if the victim tried to catch themself.

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its funny that the ad your linking us to was actually a more blatant rip off of another ad:

straight up copying is one thing, but old ideas are tweaked, changed, recycled, and built upon all the time. give it a rest.

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well i hate the word "done" myself, but you have to search only 5 seconds to find it on the web.
if you have an idea you should take this time…
same idea, same client.


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I see similarities, albeit they are on a tangent. I'm curious how you would approach the horror movie fan who would go to a festival without using something like blood? I actually think this ad was done more creatively and communicated the message much more quickly and clearly.

- Commenting in all caps with poor spelling and grammar is so done before -

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Done? Do you mean using decals? Using blood? Advertising in toilets? Promoting film festivals? Good God, man. Is there anything we can do that isn't 'done'?

I like it. Without knowing where these were placed I would say that it targets an audience that would go to a film festival featuring Argento work. The present tense is well used as it refers to a director's work and to do otherwise would sound as clunky as saying "Did you like Tarantino?" As a piece of student work it shows a lot of promise. Good job.

- Commenting in all caps with poor spelling and grammar is so done before -

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

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Thank's a lot!I'm really happy you like!

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shell is cool :-))))

its scary !!!!! buttt cccooollll

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Guest commenter

But if i walk into a toilet and see this, i'd be freaked out...