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Activity Score 131

I really doubt that is effective.

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Activity Score 3647

I'm hardly the target and I think it would be great. You might need more branding on it that a single bumper sticker though.

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Activity Score 240

I love this. I know if I saw this in a parking lot, I'd walk up and check it out. I personally like the subtlety of the bumper sticker.

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Activity Score 240

I assumed this was a guerilla thing and the cars were actually placed in parking lots. Was it just a print ad?

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Activity Score 6080

Not good enough.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Activity Score 216

this is great man .. admit it

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ahmed abdulla
Activity Score 2

it is same my car ^_*

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smahing cars are fun?

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Andrey Vaslit
Activity Score 210

YES is fun :)
This should be an ambient, for sure!!