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Ummmm... err... ahem...

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What the Hell
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done about 9812376 times.

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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9812376 - number of times we've heard you make that comment.

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Again? Done by students for MB Puzzles.

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Ivan, is it the student's day today?

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We never stop learning! :)

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Qué buena respuesta!

"Aquí también se opina en español y em português".

"no silencies lo que no sabes expresar".

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Paul 1979
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Demasiado buena!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
New Blog @

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+ 1

... its already been done...

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Done to death. Congrats to whever did this first.

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that's crazy! what's on tv matches the surroundings perfectly.

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That's exactly the idea. Hence, colors true to life

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i was joking

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all comments aside, the tv should be bigger.

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Where's the remote?!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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budget constrains

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malaysians make good food. not so sure about their ads.

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The board was effective. Even had people taking photos..

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i think the point people are making is that it's not very original. i've seen this idea at least a dozen times for hdtv.

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Righto, totally agree.
But the world is just way too big to identify original ideas or to realise that our idea is original or not. And here at our little corner, the exposure to what happens elsewhere is significantly smaller. I agree that this in all probability is not an original idea, but i still think the issue here is the execution , which if well directed should bring significant results for the client, which it has, which is also why we're in advertising anyway.

And the other question is...Has any other agency from Penang, a small island where creative work is seldom recognised, appreciated or regarded, ever produced work that warrants Ivan to post it up here. Thanks Ivan, we will spur ourselves to create more "original" work. In the meantime, hope this one has entertained.

We will keep fighting the good fight.

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trust me. ivan will post anything you send him. this site is 90% crap ads. that said, the world is not too big to identify original ideas. buy a subscription to archive or look through a few one shows. if you see a good idea that's been done, don't do it. if you haven't been exposed to the world of advertising, you need to be. living on a small island is no excuse. my last partner came from sarawak and she was as sharp as anyone in the industry. and she would never produce such an unoriginal idea.

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When one post their work on this site or gets their work posted on this site, they should be ready for critique of all sorts, good or bad. Pratz, don't be so defensive. Yes, Penang is a small island, seldom recognized for creativity in the ad world... but that dosen't mean you should come up with ideas that aren't original. You want to fight the good fight. Do it with pride.

: : mystique : :

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couldn't they maybe have done something more with the choice of location and framing? at least that might have added something to the ad.

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This board is placed right by a mall. Has to ties in with the shop launch. So it is indeed the most ideal place. Plus everyone here recognizes the bridge as the longest bridge isn South East Asia which is already an icon of sorts.

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simpson says..... you should add a strong line to create awareness and give an impact to the public!

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meant to promote the outlet at the mall. not so much for product branding. hence the line "also available in... @ Lot LG 15, QBM"

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done b4,

penang, one of the gems in malaysia, it would be nice to work there.

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Ditto...the part about Penang being a gem. Working here on the hand is well, less illustrious as one thinks. Other industries maybe good, advertising is well , less rewarding

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Is that in georgetown? I went there for a holiday, it was awesome. But i guess working there would be a different story.

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It's between the Penang Bridge and the Airport.

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Dick Huges
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Teletubies one more time: AGAIN!! AGAIN!!!

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Image by disposable camera +
Photoshoppery by a high school student +
Font color reminiscent of a 1974 Zenith ad =
Extremely flat image, no life.

Sorry, just honest.

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now panasonic tvs incorporate camera?

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I'm saying the background image straight-up blows. Bad color, bad POV, and for god's sake, get the trash out of the grass!

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No fixed abode
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this was done first in the 1970s! It was done as a print ad that had a picture of the TV. You cut out the centre and hold up to things to see the quality of SONY colour TVs. I'm pretty sure it's in the D&AD Copywriting Book.

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the idea is just sooo.. ordinary...