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This would be like a convex mirror, which I think would make you look fat.
If it were like a concave, then you'd get the skinny effect, which this wouldn't...

Oh well, nice try :)

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Great catch. Are creative so desperate to get awards or to post an idea that they just make up stuff? I know is a stupid question, but have some dignity for god sake. Or at least create things that is truly original.

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Try bending a cd the way you describe. Don't you look fat, instead of skinny? Don't hate, appreciate!

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You really should have done your homework before you've posted this.. Bending mirrored glass towards you make you thinner, bending it away makes you fatter... So this would work!

Oh well, nice try

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agree! if you're gonna do scam, make sure you do it right.

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Why scam? It is posted via

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how can you call this "nice"... do you just say that just to plug that idiotic blog?

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this idea is overdone in many, many ads.
check Lurzer.

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Juan Cabral
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Overdone. This people never learn...

Advertiser who won 10 or more lions in the last 10 years.
And I am not the real Juan Cabral, guys. So sorry for that!

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Coca Cola is a Male? Guess that makes sense if "he's" concerned with women looking thinner...

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Otra vez nooooooooooo

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Diet Coke / LOWE Vietnam / 2005 / print ad / cannes shortlist.

Published in Advertising Now. Print. by Taschen

Same concept.

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

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what if people don't approach the vending machine centerways?

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great concept!

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Some of you guys too busy to give a critic and too lazy to use your brain to pick some good words and give positive critics instead of being sarcastic to an idea.