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August 2008

Ambient advertisment created by European school of design, Germany for Chupa Chups, within the category: Confectionery, Snacks.

Advertising School: European School of Design, Frankfurt, Germany
Creative Director: Ralph Thamm
Art Director / Photographer / Concept: Pavel Bondarenko
Copywriter: Reinhard Obinger

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whitespace's picture
Activity Score 1953

" ...lick giant balls..."

yeah dangerous...

Bye's picture
Activity Score 1464

Nice idea but save all that 'Promotion for first day at school' stuff, that makes zero sense.

salamandos's picture
Activity Score 1947

nice ambient but as previously said no connection to the first day at school. let's teach the kids that they need to eat more sweets to ruin their teeth.

act's picture
Activity Score 535

these are so dangerous for kids, i mean what if they climb on top of one another to lick the giant balls? and by doing so miss their first day at school.

whitespace's picture
Activity Score 1953

" ...lick giant balls..."

yeah dangerous...

Scipio's picture
Activity Score 8

Maybe there's a connection between lolly pops and the first day of school in Frankfurt?

Andy-B's picture
Activity Score 280

Nice idea coming from students

Copydog's picture
Activity Score 129

Is in Germany allowed to put an ad on the national traffic sign?

whitespace's picture
Activity Score 1953

I think putting it behind the sign is fine, since there isn't gonna be vehicular traffic looking at it.

SeanMartin's picture

It's Photoshop. Look at the candy -- it has the same lighting in every picture.

kakofonie's picture
Activity Score 28

is it just that you wanted to say ANYTHING or do you have candy in your eyes to not see, that this has actually been built???

NO PHOTOSHOPPING in this ad...(that's rare!!! embrace it!)

dthlb72's picture
Activity Score 545

nice execution, but make no sense...

sparky's picture
Activity Score 454

not all that deep an insight :) but nice execution

Hibon's picture
Activity Score 3734

Good idea....and thank the city for allowing using the traffic signs. (in France this will be a year of negotiation, and a year to explain to all the parents associations, etc)
I'm sure kids loved this campaign, and this is the most important thing for the brand. (let's also be good parents and not let our kids ruin their teeth, plaisure is not excess)

Simple ideas are the best !

Guest's picture

Nobody will see it there, on the opposite side of the road sign.