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Dinosour idea....from the ole years of Spider Network.

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Another People
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Hey poppy! I believe u oso came from the dinosaur world.... cos u saw this long long time ago........cheers!

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Yup, I was from the dinosaur era but I've evolved, man! :D At least I don't use sharp stone to hunt anymore, bahahaahaa.

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Another People
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ofcos u dont use sharp stone to hunt cos u dont know how to use it, puppie.... oopps! mayb u waiting for some1 to feed u bone dude! hehehe!

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yup, im dinosaur....haha!

William Bernbach - An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.

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why is it that ads for agencies are always sort of weak. we're our own worst clients.

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everything has been already done one or more times, this one is cool and beautiful

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I agree with you, mae. It looks fantastic for Chinese New Year greeting! well done! bronze!

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i like this ad, cause i always like this old story :).
wonder how many people know the real meaning behind this ad.
sorry for my broken english, i will just try to explain a bit.

in my memory i heard two version of this story, but i prefer the initial one

The first one is about a hunter family during the ancient time of china when one hunter tribe stand as their own and fight among others. This hunter family is leader of the tribe and has lots of children. One day the father call everybody up, and give each of the children a stick of arrow and ask them to break it, and for sure this is easy job for anybody. A stick of arrow is easily to break, then the father brings new arrows and this time he tied all together in one bundle(symbolize unity) and ask the children to break the bundle of arrows and no one can make it. So he gave a great lesson to his children about unity.

The second version does involve with chopstick and it happened in the warrior time of china, in a king's family, he give 2 chopstick to both of his son who're not unite, to tell the same story and same lesson.

So, don't care whether this idea is being executed 100000 times or even more, this old story perhaps i heard 10000 times as well but every time i heard/saw it remind me something. It is an attitude, and old story never be boring, even i heard about the story, this become a "remind" to everybody during the festival.

love this ad, except why they make the design so typical old china man.....

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i like this DM same as what Jennywhx said, the "Unity" story. "Simply love this idea to bring unity issue during Chinese New year." Good point jwhx!

Im ok with the design, Good job and well done DDB International Malaysia!

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same here.. great message of unity! n yea, they shud have a better execution of the artwork.

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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haha, everything is bronze for kay.
die hard supporter?

this is a common chinese proverb, not big copy writting created

the thing is that i don't know why their craft and design sucks.........they should know that is important.
an idea there but the design look CHEAP!

and typo.....omg....

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No, sometimes i give finalist only.

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Big Friendly Mo...
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I think their execution, crafting is great along with the idea. To some of you which gives comments that things sucks or cheap! Some works which i've seen worse or even SUCKS more than this can get stupid great comments! So what the hell, i think it's great. Great Job to the creative team!