School Raiders

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January 2013

MAD School Raiders


Constrained by budget, resources and lack of marketing leads, MAD (short for Marketing, Advertising and Design; a diploma offered by Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy) pulled a risqué, low-budget marketing stunt to raise awareness: by raiding the open houses of Temasek, Republic and Ngee Ann Polytechnics; and Lasalle and NAFA, during their recruitment drives. They gave free ice cream in exchange for “Likes” on CMA’s Facebook page -

The stunt was an integrated, mobile digital activation where tablets and phones were used to gain on-the-spot “Likes”. Participants stood a chance to win movie tickets by posing with their maddest expressions, and getting as many “Likes” on their photo. All to direct traffic and engage new fans on the FB page for a viral movement. We were confronted by security, told to leave and were escorted out of the premises on many occasions. All because we’re MAD.

Ambient advertisment created by Chatsworth, Singapore for Chatsworth, within the category: Education.

Advertising School: CMA MAD School, Singapore

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Activity Score 343

is that a joke? just give free ice cream and you make for that
a case and that you stole my 5 min...

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No joke, but they did take away your five minutes.