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i realize this is a foreign name that i'm not inherently familiar with...but i would never remember that name nevermind their info, or a commonplace name for that matter, if i ate the persons card. nice idea...however, it feel this may be the wrong application.

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Agreed. Relates well to the position that is listed on the 'edible' business card - but wrong application for sure. Reminds me of those chocolate business cards. Creative - but once it's gone - well, it's gone.

original doodles + creative sweat =

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i think this is cool.
it's a different area, the whole edible paper thing.
think its cool to do it for a headhunter, but wonder if the edible paper could have been used better on another client/brand.
that being said, cant think of any straight away...

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maybe as a card you give a headhunter...then they could eat their kill one of those pos tents you find in chain restaurants that sit on your could be a mint ad that you could eat after dinner that actually tastes like a mint...

...definitely not a headhunters business card, fo sho

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This is should also come with a pencil and another piece of paper so people can actually write the number and the name!!
you can even make the second piece of paper edible to engage the target better!!

I mean.... the edible paper is ok, the use on a business card kinda....wrong.

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Great. Finally someone used the edible paper. Not for this product but the fact that it's edible alone makes it interesting enough for most. The consumers will love this.

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It's great! Might be nice for some strip joints or adult shops too.

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I think the best thing this could work for is fliers for restaurants..

imagine.. someone hands you a flyer for Mcdonalds.. with a pic of a juicy succulent BIG MAC
on it.. and then you eat it.. and it tastes like a big mac.. and now you want more..!!!

mmmmmm...big mac...!!!

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Haha - why order BigMacs then? You could just eat the ads of BigMacs on those flyers for free.

original doodles + creative sweat =

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I don't know what to say, I think it'll not work properly!

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I think that the card probably has more nutritional value than a Big Mac.

Now, what's the number for that headhunter? Anyone?

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wah! edible! secret! waaaah!

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drunk dave
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Great idea. Well done.

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Mmmmm, good idea, but will I eat someone whom I don't know's business card? No.
Germ factory comes to mind. It would have been cool if it was gum.

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good point!

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I like the concept... But yes it feel this may be the wrong application, i think this kind of fliers are for restaurants...

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c'mon guys, be honest: nobody would actually eat this card:
a) edible paper doesn't taste that good and b) it's most likely highly contaminated with germs (who knows if Aert van Seggelen washes his hands every time he squeezed his little Aerty?)
I wouldn't eat it either if it was a gum.
my only concern would be that the card could turn into a sticky mess once put into a wallet.
funny idea though

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drunk dave
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It's not meant to be eaten... do you guys know what a head hunter is? If you get the card you memorise the number because you don't want you're boss to find out that you're seeing a headhunter. And that's why you'd eat the card... which of course you're not going to be, but the concept is there.

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yeah dave i got that. this is a great concept but i doubt it would work as a real business card so it smells kinda scammy to me. good creative thinking though

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Love this. Please send me some cards for lunch :)

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Brilliant. A lot of ppl seem to be over-thinking it when it's really very simple, not to mention lateral. You recieve the headhunter's card, then, like a spy, you eat it. Why? Because they're obviously a very important industry player and being caught with their card in your possession could be dangerous to your career's health. That's it. Forget the nutritional value, forget whether ppl will actually eat it. It's not important. The idea's important, and the idea's great.

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Smart idea. Very cool.

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IT DOES MAKE SENSE. It's a headhunter. A headhunter gives cards to people in a job that can't let their current employer know that they are looking for a new job. Thus this card once the info is taken can be destroyed/eaten.

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Maybe they should have taste testing cards. Advertising for the new taco place by making their cards tasting like their tacos. When the card is gone, you will still remember if you liked the place. I guess 'technology' needs to come a little further for this concept.

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Just saw your post skor! you know what they say about great minds.