July 2006

Emphasizing the message that M-Tech Plasma HID Lights are powerful and bright. Stickers were placed in select car park locations and car workshops where the product was sold.

Plasma HID
300% brighter than regular headlights

Advertising Agency: Lucideas, Malaysia

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Activity Score 1953

The exact thing I hate about cars. Glaring headlights in my mirrorview.

The idea's cool though. Or hot, if you must be literal.

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You need to get one of those Lexus cars that have their mirrors automatically dim when they sense reflectors. It works awesome. My wife has such a car.

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erm... i should get a Lexus car just because someone has brighter bulbs? hahahaha


but anyway, i'm a biker... it's a shame they don't have those nifty Electro-Chromatic Mirrors that reduce those damn glares for bikes (yet). I could be wrong though.

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-_-... those 3 pics are different car parks folks.

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Activity Score 146

sorry guys!
but if i m not wrong, normaly we put off headlights when we park our car.
wat say???
concept is good enough but execution is poor.

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Activity Score 1953

just to stretch it a little, maybe one guy forgot to switch off headlights, or the headlights are so powerful they toast the concrete in a matter of seconds.

still possible if you push the exaggeration bit.

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Activity Score 208

Clearly not a car driver!

When you do leave a parking lot, the first thing you do is turn on your lights.

It could be that it burns walls in a matter of seconds..

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Activity Score 630

It's crazy to me when advertising dudes can't use a little imagination to "get" an ad.
I thought an accelerated imagination was one thing advertising people would love/need to use.

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Activity Score 255

fun, unique execution.

not sure if super-bright headlights are a key selling point, but it does create awareness that the car has premium features.

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The poor bastard with a flat battery.

Fail Harder.

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Activity Score 448

How about a situation when another car parked in front?
burn the car?