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could somebody translate this?!

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Santa Apolónia railway station, apparently :)
Pretty cool.

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That is it, just St. Apolonia Station. It is important that you know the game, though.

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i know the game. i get that this is a train station. i still don't get why putting this billboard on the building is any kind of idea. what is it trying to say?

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feeling that You can buy this station for 400 Euros. In the very game.

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so there's a custom game for Portugal? is that the thought here?

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I love this! Life size Monopoly!!! Yes!

... its already been done...

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It's nice but DDB London did a better version of this idea last year when they turned the whole of London into a giant monopoly board. I think it was awarded at Cannes last year.

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Andreas TM
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Yes. Titanium, if I'm not mistaken.

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I will sue if they won't sell the station on the advertised price? ;)