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April 2009

Ambient advertisment created by Publicis, United States for Bounty, within the category: House, Garden.

Makes small work of BIG spills.

Advertising Agency: Publicis New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Feakins
Executive Creative Director: David Corr
Art Directors: Liem Nguyen, Brian Choi
Copywriters: Jeremy Filgate, Simeon Roane

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freakart's picture
Activity Score 534

Nice, cool that the coffee was real, as I understud.


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Activity Score 3647

it sure doesn't look real. awesome idea, nonetheless.

ivan's picture

I think it smelled real, but wasn't real.

Guest's picture

Very "Artistic"
best way to NOT remember the Sponsor...

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hrm... good point: where's the product in all this hoopla? circling overhead like am agoraphobic Superman? (The small inanimate product shot doesn't count, btw).

HappyHour's picture
Activity Score 2381

nice idea, is the popsicle real? it looks like the guy is licking it. wonder if bounty cleaned up the sticky sidewalk when it melted.

Andrey Vaslit's picture
Andrey Vaslit
Activity Score 210

jajaj I wouldn't lick a huge Ice pop laid on street, and that coffee looks fake.
but cool idea.

Guest's picture

Cool visuals. Though they do look pretty 'scammy'

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To whom it may concern,

I am Alan Ren from Asia Outdoor, an OOH magazine based in Shanghai, China. The other day, I found some wonderful OOH ad pics from your website and one of them might be a great cover for Asia Outdoor. The picture I selected is attached as your reference. I wonder whether we can have your permission to use the pic as magazine cover, we will show courtesy of your organization on the copyright page.

And if I can go ahead with the pic, I need a high definition picture for the attached one(1024*768)from you.

thanks and best wishes,

Guest's picture

i wrote you an email... i am the art director for this.

let me know what image you need exactly and i can give you a high-res after speaking with publicis

thanks alan!

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let me know which image you need the coffee cup or the popsicle high res... or do you need both?

tirthomitro's picture
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this one roks

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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very nice,非常好!

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How exactly is bounty doing anything about this big spill? Exactly... it's not doing jack shit.

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...the idea is great... but a lot of suspense man. Any way you will know a great idea when everyone has something to say about it (negative or positive)... thus the word REMARKABLE (worth of a remark) :-)

Thoughts become things.

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IMHO, the idea conveyed is quite the opposite of what is written. By magnifying the coffee cup / popsicle, it seems that such small things too appear as a headache, when using the said abosrbent towels.

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Yeeeees! I lke it!

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haha... it's very funny if i see it on street.

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Skills? Spills.

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boy.. there are some bitter art directors on this page...who wish they thought of this. 'Creatives' .. less writing and more thinking. OK?

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MMmmmm would of taken that popsicle home.
Love the idea.

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I love this one :)

It puts a smile on my face when i see something interesting on the way to work and the popsicle looks so yummy!

then i realise its an AD about the cleaning agent.

Next time when i shop and i see this particular cleaning agent im reminded of this fun moment and thus would help make me want to buy this :)

Good work... i fear people might get stomach ache from licking the popsicle tho :P

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Activity Score 79

kewl / hot idea

wt da?

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bad copy
Activity Score 808

the average rating is 8,2.
kidding me?

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Nice idea, execution looks pretty realistic! I would've wanted to get the people on the street more involved though and I don't like the big ugly and obvious signs placed next to it.