Bluetooth Citylight

August 2007

Marc Ecko wants to promote his roots and love for graffiti. Digital citylights are created that consists of an LCD and a bluetooth interface. People will get the possibility to access the citylight via bluetooth with their cell phones and spray their own graffiti with the cursor of their phone.

Advertising School: Design Factory International, Hamburg, Germany
Tutor: Michael Hoinkes (He Said She Said)
Creative: Benjamin Busse

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The image is FAKE. The guy is in the same position. Ghost ad.

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hope this gets you a job at Droga5--brilliant.

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why Droga5? Hacks

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The problem with this type of idea is how easily it can backfire. That thing would be on the street for 10 minutes before someone drew a big dick on it.

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Very true. But then someone could just as easily cover it up with something else.

As opposed to if someone took a sharpie and drew a big dick on a wall. People hesitate to, say, block it out with more sharpie, basically defacing the property even further, even if it is to cover up the dick.

Besides... That it's this fancy thing's got nothing to do with it. If someone finds that it'd be a lovely thing to draw a dick on the wall, he'll do it, using bluetooth or sharpie or the blood of small animals or whatever's handy.

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That's graffiti. This is awesome.

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So f'in cool!! Two questions:
1) Where can I learn more about this technology?
2) What's "digital citylights"? Is it Germany's term for a transit ad or something more?

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how should i know you freak?

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1. This is just a concept I believe, so it's not readily available.
2. Citylight is another name for these vertical human size outdoor boards.

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Looking good German Jon!!!!

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is this for real?? lol.

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i like the thinking (i.e., the use of new technology).

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love it

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Cool idea...

Apllication wise... ermm... wat if there's more audience want to participate (although it's create more awareness)...

It will be a Long queue... but maybe it's suitable for that country, lifestyle there maybe more relax & slow... u can come for another day...

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Great ad, especialy the dialog this technology has started with it's market.

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Chico Ribeiro
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Nice one! Surely very expensive.
In my country vandals would break the LCD screens in the first day.

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what would be even more awesome, would be if moving your phone simulated spraying the board instead of making it bluetooth it would be motion sensor. but it is so cool. love it

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This is a great idea. Really brilliant technology. It's just a shame that a giant douche like Marc Ecko has to come along and use it to help play out graffiti culture.

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TWO words to ruin this concept and technology- using real SPRAY PAINT

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Something tells me that's more than two words...

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OK, what are you counting as the 2 words? "SPRAY PAINT"? That wouldn't mean anything unless you would use "REAL" which would bring the count up to 3 words. Shit i mean, technically you used 4 words; why you put a break unless to signify that the TWO words were coming, "using real SPRAY PAINT".

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because that's only what he hears on tv and movies. america is educated by hollywood, don't you know?

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he still has a good point you arrogant bastards.

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yet eco friendly

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Devin Murphy

I think it would be a lot more practical if it had a cheap touch sensitive panel under the glass. Drawing graffiti with you hands and finders is less involved than syncing bluetooth devices, and i think a lot more fun. More people would be inclined to try. If i saw this and walked up to it only to find out i had to pair my bluetooth phone, i'd walk away.

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When i see one of those im spray painting my tag in the corner with real spray paint.

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wow. you're almost as cool as my aunt Psora.

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Is this just a concept or is it real?
the picture isn't real.

and it'd sure be tedious to draw on your phone unless your phone had a uber-high-res touch screen.

even then, the resolution difference between that and the kiosk would make your graffiti blurry or blocky.

back to the drawing board...

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This is one of those ideas that's been on the net for ages...
All you have to do is stumble a few times and something of this nature will come up.

However, saying that, i'd still think WTF if i passed this on the street!!!

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this thing is asking for a Wiimote

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a big nerd

I don't think the point of this was to find the easiest way to make digital graf. Of course you could use a touch screen with windows fucking paint running. But how is that original? Using a bluetooth connection to make your phone simulate a spray can is awesome and a brilliant concept of crossing art with technology.

What would be really interesting to see is what kind of hacks people could come up with for this. Like, I don't know, uploading a photo of yourself from your phone -- and then tagging a huge penis over it.

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this is whack.

wow...theres nothing more fucking stupid then a dude who has nothing to do with graffiti.. using graffiti in every possible gay aspect of their brand identity..

marc ecko is nothing more then a fucking herb. and enough with designers doing "urban" tech concepts.

this shit is gay..

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i thinks a great idea and after marc does it everyone will jump on his dick and do the same type of shit

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i won't. i'm not gay.

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Graffiiti is in the brand's roots and identity, and this integration was briliant. Rightous on behalf of the germans, hats down peeps.

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Touchscreen would be better

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Touchscreen is boring!!!! This one here is sooooo great! Love it.

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From a technical point of view, that is amazing, I can only imagine the intense programming that went into that Digital Signage system. Touch Screens are cool but it's been done. Don't care much about Marc Ecko, but it does take a big company to finance such a system and got to give him props for putting that out.

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This could never work that well, because in the US, this thing would be out about 2 days before somebody came over with something and smashed the shit out of the screen.

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They got hard ass protection, and removable layers(like scratch proof screens) in americain ones.

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Bruno Tozzini


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Big Zed

Graffiti for the elites. Somebody should spray a picture of a latte.

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Big Zed

Graffiti for the elites. Lol! Somebody should spray a picture of a latte.

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Guest commenter

how do u get this programme

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interactive, captivating, sold!

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The image is FAKE. The guy is in the same position. Ghost ad.