Better Neighbourhood

November 2007

Mobile billboards were parked around Jo’burg and Cape Town. Each billboard was then vandalized. This communicated the idea that helps people find their ideal neighborhood.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Directors: Chris Gotz, Gordon Ray
Art Directors: Jennifer Macfarlane, Wayne Nestadt
Copywriter: Cuanan Cronwright, Kelly Putter
Illustrator: Alexi Mccarthy

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Mr Hughes's picture
Mr Hughes
Activity Score 386

Well, that's one way to make people feel shit about where they live.

ars555's picture
Activity Score 16

it was really vandalized or it was "vandalized"??

ivan's picture

I believe they faked it.

Wordnerd's picture
Activity Score 6692

faked 100%. if this was real, the headline would be the first thing vandalized.

Don Draper's picture
Don Draper
Activity Score 144

Creatively I like this but it seems to be one of those ideas that are too clever for its own good. The message might go totally unnoticed by the average consumer.

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
Activity Score 10679

It's like leaving a fresh steaming pile of shit on someone's doorstep and telling them they'd better pack up their stuff if they don't like the smell.

People generally don't like being told how bad their neighborhood is. They don't need a complete stranger rubbing it in their face. They're living it.

This is a pretty low tactic to get the message across.
Creative? Maybe. But it won't help paint the good image for the client whatsoever...

J.Zdaniuk's picture
Activity Score 74

I agree, this was my first impression also. It's like a clothing store using a mirror to show you how shitty you look, but rigging it to make you look worse like "fun house" mirror style to get you to feel insecure enough to feel you not only want, but really NEED their help. It's like hey if you didn't already know it you doing shitty on your own you need our help, and we'll provide it for a fee.

hat the Puck am I doing here?

panasit's picture
Activity Score 687

And the people who lived in the neighborhood where they pull this stunt doesn't beat the living crap out of them because....?

You know, for real estate guys they obviously have no idea how much some people love their home and where they live.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

jobo's picture
Activity Score 99

This is clever. I like it.

xhp's picture
Activity Score 543

Hahah of course it was "vandalized", but vandalizers thought it was pretty gentle to let the message seen by everyone, of course :x