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Oh my god. This is a Franco e Ciccio AD!
But is ok.

(Bianconiglio is looking for some freelance work)

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Simple and to the point, maybe it's "first idea" when you receive the briefing, but hey, a good idea is a good idea
i like the execution too
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An ad that trashes itself?

Someone must have sneaked up on me and hit me with a tea brick!


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can you imagine this at a US airport? Those nervous morons in at the TSA would go ballistic.

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true. not only at US airports...
this kind of fun could cost them a fortune.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Unleash them bomb-sniffin' dogs!!

Man, but I'll tell ya, that's the hardest job there is on the face of the earth, "sniffing for bombs", you know? You can't EVER afford catch a cold, or YOUR LIFE!!

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Australia as well.

"Bags Without People Don't Make Sense"

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maybe a better background perhaps...

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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not bad lah

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those columns are interrupting they shouldn't have a type or shouldn't be at all

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Carlos Duty
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si vas a darte la molestia de hacer publicidad para decir algo... di algo.

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all unattended luggage will be removed by the authorities

But in non terror times its great...

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Who's gonna walk the bag???

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cool idea

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well i think the guys some kinda terrorist

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eye catching idea, its good but a litlle bit freaky fot the target i think. Executive people... i dont know...