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Activity Score 146

Harsh but true, the family seems a bit fake though, and the car could be a bit better.

Darren Alawi
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So impactfull in a film. So weak in a press ad...

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I liked it.

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Activity Score 216

The hole in the windshield should be a bit bigger no?

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euclid the gree...
Activity Score 98

i think it was the head that got out the windshield and the body was left at the backseat . . . yuck!

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Activity Score 146

Thats a really good point, I am ashamed I didn't spot that, its big enough for a mouse or something.

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Activity Score 17214

It looks a bit comic for me,
and achieves the wrong emotional reaction.

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Activity Score 152

Yeah I agree it seems a little bit fake; the hole is too small and how come there is no blood? Not that I like blood but in this case I guess there should be some...

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Activity Score 1504

The idea, good. The use of media, good. The art direction can be better. As some have said, the acting/posing is terrible, too fake, as well as the car; it should have more damage.

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Activity Score 242

cool idea, just looks a little over the top. they almost make me want to laugh because they are executed so comically. and the yellow font and exclamation point add to the slapstick.

the little girl should have been sitting back with headphones on texting on her phone like most kids would while driving with their parents.

and that hole is way too small.

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Activity Score 762

So nothing really happened to the car except for the broken window? Hey wait, something is missing... Oh oh!

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Activity Score 762

Not even the rearview mirror moved! :S

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Lewis Hamilton
Activity Score 8

it seems pretty fake to me. Should pay more attention to some details.

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Activity Score 50

Added to the size of the hole, the fathers should have been more hurted...

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Activity Score 558

Works instantly, in any language.

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If you have a problem child and you can't put her up for adoption, take her for a nice long drive in the country side.

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there is the rearview mirror that doesn't move or even the small hole. but still, this idea works instantly! bravo!

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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Activity Score 588

tell me something i don't know. i can see this as a light or reminder on the dash. but as an ad? i don't think so.

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good riddance

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Activity Score 852

booooo, its so direct and bored, and the photo, its really bad


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Activity Score 54

kinda weak line, it should have been something like "seatbelts keep families together"