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September 2008

Fletcher Martin hijacks outdoor boards in Atlanta to remind drivers during rush hour that they should be "Thinking Arby's". Photo is from a billboard off of I-75 in Atlanta.

Ambient advertisment created by Fletcher, United States for Arby's, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Fletcher Martin, Atlanta, USA
Executive Creative Director: Brandy Gill
Associate Creative Director: Clay Shivers
Art Directors: Wes Sumner, John Osborne
Other additional credits: Jason Kimbell, Jerry Jones

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You have to be from Atlanta I guess. It looks like one of those adolesent dick drawings you see on toilet walls.

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fake crap. or don't they have wind in atlanta? no way this is working

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Y'know, guys -- once again, LEARN A LITTLE BEFORE SHOOTING YOUR MOUTHS OFF. The whole Arby's campaign these days revolves around the logo floating over someone's head -- and yeah, that's their logo, not a "dick drawing" (wow, how very profound). And check it out: Arby's is a national chain, so you dont have to be from Atlanta to get the message.

Yes, Atlanta gets windless days.

Given the nature of their campaign, this is a pretty cool ambient: it's fun, easy, and reminds the viewer instantly of the message without making it so terribly conceptual. It's probably questionable legally (since trespassing on a billboard is, y'know, against the law 'n' stuff), but as a prank, it probably worked pretty damn well and got them some press on the six o'clock news.

Any of you done anything that can match that kind of results?

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Well spoken, but I'd have to say that maybe a little work on the shape of the balloon would make it look more like a "thought bubble". It could be a little vague as it is...

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igual la wea parece pico weon!!!

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well said, thanks for putting some thought into your response and having an open mind.

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It would be really difficult to keep the balloon from turning around — If it did, you wouldn't be able to see the Arby's logo in the correct position. Cool idea, though.

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First, this stunt was real. During rush hour in Atlanta which means thousands saw it. It was covered in the local press, people were calling in on the radio, and of course on various blogs and websites. The photo is just one example. Balloons were placed strategically in front of the billboard as to not physically affect the board or break any laws. Billboards are of different sizes and heights and some did work better than others. As for the wind, it was a factor in some of the taller boards but as soon as it was still the balloons worked fine. Also, the Arby's logo was printed on both sides of the balloon and even though it wasn't always perfect, the logo would be in the right position within seconds as the balloon tilted and rotated. This was a very quick, simple and cost effective way to play off the equity in the Arby's tv spots which feature floating logos over a persons head when they're "thinking Arby's". It also brought attention to the original billboard advertiser so I'd like to think it was a win win situation for all involved.

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um, all the insane ranting aside, I really like it. Tho, I can't imagine wind wouldn't be a factor. But, it could've been anchored on both sides...

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Yes, nothing like some killer ambient work. They are trying something new and it is working. And imagine the budget for this? Some rope and a ballons? Add in the free press and you have something the agency should be proud of. Yes wind could be a problem, but kudos to them for going for it.

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too bad she's the weather girl. it would be killer if she was an anchor reporting on how "[she's] thinkin arby's"

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That is a cool stunt and ties in perfectly with the Arby's campaign. I bet it got a lot of press in town.

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Renegade. I like it.

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That is awesome.
Clever. Cheap. Resourceful. TIes directly into branding & past campaigns. Creates a buzz.
This is what every ad campaign should be.